Can one resort to the consolidation of loans in fixed-term contract?


You are in fixed-term or temporary with several credits in progress and your ends of the month are difficult!

You are in fixed-term or temporary with several credits in progress and your ends of the month are difficult!

However, it is possible under certain conditions to group together all your current loans and thus find healthy finances and a better quality of life.
The purchase of credits is a tailor-made solution for fixed-term or temporary employees who have subscribed to several credits and who have difficulty meeting their monthly deadlines regularly. This credit consolidation allows you to consolidate all your existing credits into one single loan . This solution is strongly recommended if the multiplicity of your monthly payments raises your debt ratio beyond 33%. By intervening before this situation worsens, the purchase of all your credits will reduce all of your monthly payments to one and will give a serious breath of fresh air to your budget.

This new single credit will have an extended duration , a lower rate and a single monthly payment that can be up to 60% lower than the total of your current monthly payments. In some cases, depending on your overall financial situation, this purchase of credits may also allow you to build up savings and / or to realize personal projects.

The conditions for setting up a credit consolidation and finding healthy finances are:

– You benefit from a fixed-term or temporary contract and your co-borrower benefits from a permanent contract.

– If you are on a fixed-term contract, you have at least 6 months of seniority and it remains at least 4 months before the end of your contract.

– If you are temporary, you must have at least 3 years of seniority in the same sector of activity.

Whether you are on fixed-term or temporary and over-indebtedness, the purchase of credits is a solution adapted to your situation to take back your budget and regain a good quality of life. So grab this opportunity and make a simulated credit consolidation today on our site.

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